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Mystic Messenger Guide: Everything You Need to Know

Mystic Messenger Guide: A walk-through of the newest dating simulation app that you will surely enjoy. Here, we will share with you everything you need to know about this game. Why more fans are going crazy over this app, and how this game is being played. Let’s get started.

What is Mystic Messenger

Mystic Messenger was developed and published by Cheritz for Android and iOS. A single player can play it by installing the app on a mobile phone. The game was a big hit to Koreans because it involves romance.

The game was intended for otome – means maiden (women) audience. The basic is to have a relationship with five fictional characters who have their cool personalities.

The game was a big hit in 2017 and ranked Top 4 in the most played video games in 2017. Back then, it was downloaded 2.5 million times which made the developer won an award.

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The Plot

The player is a female and she can change her name according to her like. The female player will be referred as the MC will download an app that will lead her to living in an apartment. The apartment was owned by a girl named Rika – the founder of RFA (a fundraising association).

Upon living in a closed apartment, the player will meet new people while assigned the task of organizing the RFA party. This party was stopped when Rika died and no one ever tried to host it again.

In the game, the protagonist has the chance to play the characters’ routes. While playing and nearing to the end, there will be a secret behind RFA that will be revealed depending on how the protagonist did well in hosting a party.

The Characters

There are seven main characters in Mystic Messenger, each has their own route.

  1. Zen – available in Casual Story Mode of the game. He is a nice person who loves to take selfies with his camera.
  2. Yoosung – also available in Casual story mode. He is known to be a fan of League of Legends.
  3. Jaehee Kang – she is the chief secretary of Jumin who is the owner of C&R.
  4. Jumin Han – a businessman who loves his cat. He is a workaholic person and distant when it comes to women.
  5. Saeyoung – also known as 707 or Seven. He is a hacker and always make fun of Yoosung.
  6. Rika – the fiance’ of Jihyun who committed suicide. She is the owner and founder of RFA which hosts a party to raise funds to help people in need.
  7. Jihyun – known as “V” is the mysterious guy. V is available in the deep story mode of the game. His character is one of the most interesting because it reveals a lot of secrets behind Rika and RFA.

The Gameplay

The game can be played in 11 days. The first day is the prologue, three days are for the common route, six days are for the characters’ route, and the last day is for the party.

The player can receive text messages and can join group chats in messaging app. In the first four days, the player can respond to the characters and has the chance to earn Hearts. A bad ending can happen depending on the number of hearts earned and participation in the chatroom.

In Conclusion

So, are you excited to play Mystic Messenger? I am sure you will love this game. Thanks to the developer of the game who really put effort into making this app realistic and interesting.

Share with us your experience in playing the game. You can also leave us comments and questions inside the comment box below. – Mattress Bed Tips Team