How Much Is A King Size Mattress and Box Spring

How Much Is A King Size Mattress and Box Spring

There are a lot of reasons why a king size mattress is one of the best for your bedroom. This is especially when you are a couple. It provides a lot of space for each one of you to comfortably sleep. A king size mattress measures 76 x 80 inches. This means that if you have a partner who moves a lot at night while asleep, you can no longer notice their movements with this mattress. Get your desired mattress on

A king size bed is the largest among standard mattress sizes. The only thing that you need to be sure of before buying a king mattress is the space. It is a huge bed and it requires bigger space than other mattresses. It is advisable to buy a king mattress with a box spring. It is not recommendable to use an old box spring for a new mattress. This is because you might end up making the warranty void regardless of it being a new investment.

Using an old box spring can also interfere with the level of comfort you get from the mattress. Moreover, this act might also reduce the lifespan of your newly bought mattress. Despite the fact that it will cost you more to buy both of them together, it is worth the investment. Furthermore, it is not like you will spending too much. You will just have to add a couple of hundred dollars to the mattress cost.

A split box spring is one of the best ways to ensure that the king size mattress takes care of unique needs of two different people. The split box spring also makes it possible for you to move a king size bed. This is regardless of sharp corners and small doors. As long as your budget and space can accommodate the king size mattress and box spring, this is the best size to invest in.

The cost of a king size mattress and box spring is determined by various factors. Some of which include;

  • Brand
  • Lifespan and warranties
  • Type
  • Design


There are numerous mattress brands on the market today. Each one of them sells their mattresses and box springs at varying prices depending on the quality of their products. However, the price range is not very wide as each brand is trying to deal with competitive prices in the industry.

Design and features

Depending on the make of a mattress, there are various features that are incorporated to enhance support and comfort. Some mattresses will have features like temperature control and comfort control. With many mattresses today, you can customize the features to meet your personal needs. King size mattresses with customization features will definitely cost more than others.

Lifespan and warranties

Mattresses will serve you for varying periods of time. This depends on quality and features of the product. The confidence that a manufacturer has on the product is reflected on the warranty. A long-term warranty indicates that the mattress and box spring are of high quality. Therefore, expect a higher price tag on such products. The lifespan of a mattress will also determine the price of the mattress. Those that feature short lifespan have lower price tags than long-serving king size mattresses.


There are various types of mattresses today. Some are foam mattresses, innerspring mattresses, and hybrid mattresses among others. The type of mattress will determine the price of the mattress. The technology involved when making the mattress will have an effect on the price. This is why some of the king size mattresses are cheaper or more expensive than others. Foam mattresses are usually expensive because of their high level of comfort, support, and customization. These mattresses also feature superior durability than others.

The price range of high-quality king size mattresses and box spring is between $500 and $6500. This implies that you can pick the king size mattress of your own choice and within your budget. As long as you have space, king size mattress is one of the best that you can invest in.