8 Ways You Can Sleep Longer

8 Ways You Can Sleep Longer

Falling asleep at night is hard but do you know what’s even tougher? Trying to get back to sleep when you’ve already woken up. If you’re as busy as most people nowadays, uninterrupted sleep is a must-have.

If you’ve already mastered falling asleep the moment your head touches your mattress, the next trick for better sleep is staying asleep. On this list, we identify culprits that might be waking you up at night and what you can do to fight back.

Here are some reasons, and easy solutions, so you can sleep without interruption.

1. Remove the Distractions

This is very simple but a lot of people don’t practice this. One major source of distraction at night is the smartphone. It can receive an e-mail at 2 AM and jolt you awake or just flash a bright screen. A quick fix is to put it on the Do Not Disturb mode and place it face down. Better yet, keep it away from your bed by putting it on a faraway table.

Turn off the TV or your computer before you sleep. They might disturb you later on.

2. Avoid the caffeine

You might say “tea calms me down and makes me ready for bed”, however caffeine intake can be the reason your eyes jump open in the middle of the night. Caffeine blocks adenosine receptors in the brain, preventing any sensation of tiredness. Without this sensation, it’s hard to achieve deep sleep.

There are caffeine-free teas you can try and although decaf coffee has some of the caffeine left, it’s usually negligible.

3. Keep the Schedule

This is important for a healthy lifestyle. Sleep at a relatively fixed time and wake up at approximately the same time. It helps the internal body clock pace itself and ensures the sleep hormones get released and sustained the entire night. When you do it right, the moment you lay down on your soft, perfect mattress, your whole body will be activating sleep mode.

4. Exercise

Fact is physical exhaustion helps you to sleep. If you sit on a desk all day at work, it might not be doing anything to your muscles. If you can, insert some exercise a few hours before bedtime to improve your sleep.

5. Control the Lights

The streetlamp, ambient lighting, and even smartphones are sources of illumination that should be minimized at night. When the eyes see light, they can trigger alertness in the brain which is the last thing you want when you’re in your PJs and tucked comfortably on the bed.

6. Minimize Liquid Intake

Eight glasses of water is great, but don’t drink half of that at dinnertime. A glass of water in the morning and constant hydration throughout the day is good. As the sun sets, relax with the fluid intake so you don’t need any trips to the loo while you are asleep.

7. Use Comfortable Beds, Mattresses, and Pillows

Have you ever woken up in the morning with body aches? The bed you are using might not be suitable for you. Use a bed and good linen you find comfortable so you can achieve the best sleep. Investing in good products is a great way to ensure you have restful, uninterrupted dozing. And relax, beds last for many years before they need replacing.

8. Relax First, then Sleep

Anxiety is a big reason why people toss and turn at night. It’s also why many who wake up find it impossible to go back to sleep again.

Here’s what you should try: focus on relaxing and don’t get stressed about being awake. Falling asleep when you’re relaxed also makes it easier for the body to transition from the light nap to the deep, restful snooze we all want at night.

Today,, not a lot of importance is given to rest. The evening news, economy, and technology fuel this on-the-go, high-octane lifestyle. Don’t fall into this unhealthy trap — with just a bit of effort, your nights will be peaceful and quiet and your mornings, glorious.

What Are Some Good Tips To Endure Sleep Deprivation

What Are Some Good Tips To Endure Sleep Deprivation

Sleep deprivation is the state you get into when you don’t get enough sleep. It can be chronic or acute and it is never pleasant.

Sleep deprivation can have serious consequences your mind and body and can lead to impulsive behavior, depression, paranoia or even suicidal thoughts.

You should always do everything you can to not be deprived of sleep but sometimes there is nothing you can do about. It is possible that you are new mother who needs to spend her every moment with her child or somebody climbing the corporate ladder.

If that is the case, and there isn’t anything you can do about it, you will need to find a way to endure it.

Enduring sleep deprivation is possible and there are a number of ways you can do that.

Keep your wits about you

Sometimes it can be hard to stay focused and disciplined under the best of circumstances, let alone when you are sleep deprived. But that is precisely what you need to do.

Get rid of the self-doubt and believe in yourself. Stay sharp and keep your goals in your mind at all times. You might get a bit dizzy or the world might feel like it is going to fall apart but that is just your body telling you that you need to sleep. Push through it.

Keeping your wits about is an essential tactic when it comes to enduring sleep deprivation and if you can’t manage that, you won’t be able to implement any other ones.

Know your limits

As important as it is to keep pushing yourself and staying sharp, it is also important to know when you can’t take it anymore. You are a human being and not a robot and you need to remember that fact at all times.

When you feel that you are about to lose it, don’t try to be a hero. That won’t do anybody any good. Get some rest and seek help from others if you need to. There is no shame in it and we all need a little help now and then.

Stay away from sedatives, coffee and phones

Taking a pill won’t help you in the long term. Chances are it won’t do you any good even short-term. Sometimes you have to let nature run its course.

If you are a coffee lover, make sure that you only drink it in the morning and try to keep your doses small. Yes, it will give you that energy boost you need so much but if your body is already past its limit when you drink, it will only make your irritable and edgy.

Most of us go to sleep nowadays with our phones in our hands. Even with the blue light filters and lowered brightness they will keep us awake. If you are not getting enough sleep the worst thing you can do to yourself is to keep yourself awake longer than you need to be.

Get yourself a good mattress

The importance of the right mattress cannot be stressed enough. When it is time to go to sleep, you need to make the most of it and a right mattress is essentially for that.

Get the best mattress that money can buy and thank me latter. A bad mattress will not only make you take longer to fall asleep, it will also lower the quality of your sleep, as somebody who is sleep deprived you can not afford not to get the possible mattress.

Make a plan

Enduring sleep deprivation is not a permanent solution and none of these tips can keep you going indefinitely. You need to get your sleeping habits in order and you need to do it today.

The first step to achieving that is to come up with a plan. What are you going to change in your life and how you are going to change it are just some of the questions you need to ask yourself.

Make a plan and stick with it because nobody can live forever with sleep deprivation.

How Much is a Queen Size Mattress and Box Spring

How Much is a Queen Size Mattress and Box Spring

A queen mattress measures 60 by 80 inches. However, at times, this varies once in a while. The measurements can differ with 1 or 2 inches on every side. A significant percentage of the population uses this mattress size. As a matter of fact, over 90% adults use this mattress in their bedroom. Comfort is one of the many things that makes people love the mattress. The other thing is that the mattress is big enough. This means that it can comfortably accommodate two people. Moreover, the mattress does not occupy too much floor space. This is as compared to other beds like the king size. Prior to buying a queen size mattress and box spring, you should consider some factors. Some of them include;

  • Door locations which at times make the wall space unusable
  • Window locations which can cause drafts and interfere with furniture
  • Uneven ceiling heights which minimize the usable square footage in your room
  • Addition of some fixtures like headboard might end up increasing the overall bed dimensions
  • Extra furniture that you will need in your bedroom like nightstands and dressers
  • Location of electrical cables, phone outlets and HVAC vents

Are you wondering how your queen size mattress will fit in your narrow staircases? Are worried about the small doorways and tight turns? Do not keep yourself from buying this mattress size. This is because a split spring box will simplify everything. As long as your bedroom space is enough for the mattress, you have nothing else to worry about. It is wise to purchase the mattress together with the spring box.

It will cost you a little bit more, but it is worth the investment. The split spring box that comes with a queen size mattress enables a couple to customize the bed according to their unique needs. This is why you should consider investing in a queen size mattress. If you are buying a new queen size mattress, it’s recommendable to buy a box spring as well.

Do not buy a new mattress then use an old box spring. This will come with various disadvantages despite saving you money. One of them include a possibility to void the warranty. An old box spring will also reduce support and comfort level of the bed. Additionally, there might be an interference with the lifespan of the mattress.

To avoid this, buy your queen size mattress together with the box spring. Furthermore, when you buy them together, you might spend less money as compared to when you buy both of them separately.

How much will the queen size mattress cost together with a box spring?

Well…. How much you value sleep will determine this. Spending a third of your life sleeping on your mattress means that you should invest in a high-quality mattress. The brand you will buy the mattress from will also determine the price of the product. Your choice of mattress type will also have a say on the budget. However, the price ranges from $450 up to $5000. With any amount within this range, you will manage to take home a queen size mattress and box spring.

How firm should your queen size mattress be?

Are you wondering about the perfect firmness of your queen size bed? Well, the firmness should depend on the sleeper. If you have heavy weight, you should get a firm mattress. In case you have average weight a mattress with average firmness is best for you. There are various factors that should be considered apart from a mattress density. This is when it comes to the amount of support a mattress can offer. One of these factors include variations among mattress brands. This means that what a particular company refers to as firm, might be medium density to another. Most importantly, you should be keen on the technology and material that makes the mattress.

To buy the best queen size mattress on the market, you should consider the following aspects;

  • Weight distribution
  • Body conformity
  • Quality construction and stitching
  • Motion isolation
  • Edge support
  • Temperature regulation

Look for the best queen size mattress that matches your taste, need and lifestyle. Buy a queen size mattress together with the box spring. This will reduce your budget and the investment is worth the length of service. All the best!!!

How Much Is A King Size Mattress and Box Spring

How Much Is A King Size Mattress and Box Spring

There are a lot of reasons why a king size mattress is one of the best for your bedroom. This is especially when you are a couple. It provides a lot of space for each one of you to comfortably sleep. A king size mattress measures 76 x 80 inches. This means that if you have a partner who moves a lot at night while asleep, you can no longer notice their movements with this mattress. Get your desired mattress on bestmattressesreviews.com

A king size bed is the largest among standard mattress sizes. The only thing that you need to be sure of before buying a king mattress is the space. It is a huge bed and it requires bigger space than other mattresses. It is advisable to buy a king mattress with a box spring. It is not recommendable to use an old box spring for a new mattress. This is because you might end up making the warranty void regardless of it being a new investment.

Using an old box spring can also interfere with the level of comfort you get from the mattress. Moreover, this act might also reduce the lifespan of your newly bought mattress. Despite the fact that it will cost you more to buy both of them together, it is worth the investment. Furthermore, it is not like you will spending too much. You will just have to add a couple of hundred dollars to the mattress cost.

A split box spring is one of the best ways to ensure that the king size mattress takes care of unique needs of two different people. The split box spring also makes it possible for you to move a king size bed. This is regardless of sharp corners and small doors. As long as your budget and space can accommodate the king size mattress and box spring, this is the best size to invest in.

The cost of a king size mattress and box spring is determined by various factors. Some of which include;

  • Brand
  • Lifespan and warranties
  • Type
  • Design


There are numerous mattress brands on the market today. Each one of them sells their mattresses and box springs at varying prices depending on the quality of their products. However, the price range is not very wide as each brand is trying to deal with competitive prices in the industry.

Design and features

Depending on the make of a mattress, there are various features that are incorporated to enhance support and comfort. Some mattresses will have features like temperature control and comfort control. With many mattresses today, you can customize the features to meet your personal needs. King size mattresses with customization features will definitely cost more than others.

Lifespan and warranties

Mattresses will serve you for varying periods of time. This depends on quality and features of the product. The confidence that a manufacturer has on the product is reflected on the warranty. A long-term warranty indicates that the mattress and box spring are of high quality. Therefore, expect a higher price tag on such products. The lifespan of a mattress will also determine the price of the mattress. Those that feature short lifespan have lower price tags than long-serving king size mattresses.


There are various types of mattresses today. Some are foam mattresses, innerspring mattresses, and hybrid mattresses among others. The type of mattress will determine the price of the mattress. The technology involved when making the mattress will have an effect on the price. This is why some of the king size mattresses are cheaper or more expensive than others. Foam mattresses are usually expensive because of their high level of comfort, support, and customization. These mattresses also feature superior durability than others.

The price range of high-quality king size mattresses and box spring is between $500 and $6500. This implies that you can pick the king size mattress of your own choice and within your budget. As long as you have space, king size mattress is one of the best that you can invest in.

The Most Comfortable Sleeping Positions

The Most Comfortable Sleeping Positions

Your sleeping position has a great impact on your sleep. As a result, this ultimately affects your general well-being. There are 3 major sleeping positions that most people use. These three positions include; stomach, side and back positions. However, all these three positions have various variables. All sleeping postures need a good mattress. You will find helpful mattress reviews and comparisons on bestmattressesreviews.com. Poor sleeping posture negatively impacts your health. It can cause the following issues to your health.

  • Fatigue
  • Impaired circulation
  • Heartburn
  • Muscle cramping
  • Back pains
  • Neck pains
  • Headaches
  • Tummy trouble
  • Premature wrinkles
  • Sleep apnea

Below are some of the most comfortable sleeping positions

Back sleeping

It is not everyone who uses this position, but it is a prominent one. A significant number of people use this sleeping position. As a matter of fact, it is one of the most comfortable sleeping positions. The best thing about this position is that it boosts proper spine alignment. This is because the spine, neck, and head are in a neutral position. Consequently, sleepers who use this position experience no pain. This is because there is no additional pressure exerted on the neck, spine, and head.

Back sleeping is known to ward off acid reflux. In order to gain the best from this sleeping position, ensure that you use a pillow. The pillow should support and elevate your head adequately. Nonetheless, this sleeping position can cause your breathing tube. This is dangerous for sleep apnea victims. Additionally, this sleeping posture can deteriorate snoring.

Stomach sleeping

Here is a sleeping position that remedies snoring. Interestingly, a significant number of adults use this position when sleeping. However, this position can cause neck and back pain. This happens because the position hardly keeps the spine in a neutral alignment. Moreover, stomach sleeping exerts pressure on both joints and muscles. This in return causes aches, numbness, and tingling. It also results to irritated nerves.

It is recommendable that you use another position when sleeping due to its negative health impacts. Nevertheless, if you get to sleep fast in this position, consider lying facedown. This is important as your airways remain open. This way, you get more room to breathe instead of sleeping with your head turned on the side.

Side sleeping

Actually, this is one of the most recommendable sleeping positions. There are a lot of positive impacts that you get from sleeping in this position. One of these benefits includes reducing acid reflux. Proper spine alignment is very effective with this position. As a result, this wards off neck and back pain.

While sleeping in this position, you will probably snore less. This position ensures that your airwaves are open. As a matter of fact, this is one of the reasons that make this posture recommendable. A great percentage of people sleep using this position. However, one disadvantage about this position is that it causes wrinkles. This happens because the better part of your face is always against the pillow.

The above are the most common and comfortable sleeping positions. Medical specialists recommend using the side sleeping position. This is because it is more comfortable. It also has lots of health benefits. Apart from this, the side sleeping position eliminates chances of restless nights. Use any of the above positions that feel most comfortable to you for a deep night sleep.

The Ultimate Guide To Best Mattress For Quality Sleep

The Ultimate Guide To Best Mattress For Quality Sleep

Are you experiencing restless nights of late? It might be time for you to replace your mattress. If your mattress is old and sagging, you need a new one for better sleep experience. Nonetheless, picking the best mattress is always a challenge. This is because of the number of models and brands on sale today. If this is your dilemma as at now, worry no more. With this guide, you can simply pick the best mattress for quality sleep. This will happen in a painless, enjoyable, fun and simple process. Click here to get more helpful mattress reviews and comparison.

Factors to consider when buying the best mattress for quality sleep

  • Type of the mattress
  • Comfort level
  • Size
  • Sleeping position
  • Weight
  • Motion isolation
  • Chronic issues


The market today has various mattress sizes. All of them are for various people and purposes. For quality sleep, you need the right mattress size. In order for this to happen, there are things you need to put into consideration.

One of them is that you’re the mattress should be longer than you. The width of the bed should also provide adequate space. This is to comfortably accommodate you when sleeping regardless of the position. Adults are better off on a Queen or King size bed, especially, those with partners.

Comfort level

After working for a whole day, you need quality sleep. This kind of sleep cannot happen without a comfortable place to lie on. This is why comfort is so important when buying a new mattress. To ensure that the mattress you intend to buy is comfortable, it should conform to your body shape and size. The mattress should also not sag or sink.


For you to buy the best mattress, you should consider your weight as well. Innerspring mattresses are great for heavyweight individuals. Nonetheless, memory foam mattresses are ideal for any body weight. Overweight people need thick mattresses. Additionally, you can consider using dual layer toppers for any weight.

Motion isolation

For quality sleep, you should not feel your partner turning and tossing on bed. In order to attain this, the best mattress should absorb motion. This makes it perfect for sleeping partners. In order to comfortably turn and stretch couples need king or queen size bed. Such beds will provide ample space for that.

Chronic issues

Could you be allergic to irritating odors and dust particles? There is no way you can get quality sleep with a mattress that isn’t hypoallergenic. The best mattress for you is that which has allergic proof abilities. It should also feature a mite cover in order to enhance your sleep quality. Keep off from mattresses which have sharp smells. As a matter of fact, a green or environmentally friendly mattress is perfect for you.

Mattress type

The best mattress type depends on a person’s preference. All of them have advantages and disadvantages. However, they all feature modern improvements to make you comfortable. These advanced features also boost your sleep quality. The best one is that which suits your lifestyle and interest.

This guide will go a long way in making your decision making easier. You can now make a wise choice when buying the best mattress. Do not allow the price tag to solely determine what you will take home. Compare both features and quality against the price tag and find out if the product is worth it. All the best!!!

Best Mattress Size for Peaceful Sleep

Best Mattress Size for Peaceful Sleep

There are lots of foundational aspects to consider when buying a new mattress. Selecting the best mattress size is one of them. However, picking the right mattress size is a daunting task. Nevertheless, this guide will give you the necessary details you need for this. You will get all the basic information about mattress sizes. This will make your decision-making process easier and faster.

The market today features major bed sizes which simplify the shopping process. However, there may be slight variations between various mattress brands and types. Major mattress size types include;

  • Full/double
  • King
  • Queen
  • Twin

Full-size mattress

This mattress size consists of two categories. That is, the standard full size and the full XL size. Additionally, couples use this mattress size as the common standard for them. Nevertheless, in the modern days, teens are also using this mattress in rooms with limited spaces. You can also refer to this mattress as double. The full XL mattress measures 54 by 80 inches. The standard full mattress size measures 53 to 54 by 74 to 75 inches.

Want to get a comfortable full size spring mattress? Click https://bestmattressesreviews.com/night-therapy-spring-deluxe-euro-box-top-spring-mattress/

King size mattress

This can either be a standard king mattress or a California king mattress. This is the largest mattress size on the market. It is perfect for couples as it offers a lot of space. The California size mattress is better for taller individuals. Standard king size mattress measures 76 by 80 inches. The California king size mattress measures 72 by 84 inches.

Twin size mattress

This one has both Standard Twin and Twin XL mattress sizes. The standard twin size mattress is for children. It is the smallest bed available on the market. The XL, on the other hand, is longer. You will mostly find it in bunks and college dorms. Taller individuals use this bed most of the times. The Twin Xl mattress size is half of the king size. This bed is prominent when it comes to adjustable base beds. Standard Twin measures 38 to 39 by 74 to 75 inches. The Twin Xl measures 38 to 39 by 80 inches.

Queen size mattress

This mattress features a standard queen and California queen sizes. In addition, this mattress size is most prominent in the modern world. It is fit for both couples and individuals. The mattress is narrower than a standard king size but equally long. Measurements for this mattress size usually vary depending on brand and type. The Standard Queen size measures 60 by 80 inches. On the other hand, a California Queen size measures 60 by 84 inches.

In order to determine the right mattress size to buy, below are some of the considerations that will help you out.

  • The number of people using the bed
  • Sleep styles and body types
  • Amount of space in the room
  • The budget

With the above information, you can now pick the right mattress size. Your budget will determine what you can afford. Moreover, if more than one person will use the bed, you will need a queen/king size bed. The mattress you will pick should also fit in your room comfortably. Selecting the right mattress size has always been a challenge, but not anymore with this guide. All the best!!!